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Hire Champion Waste Removal for demolition services in Orange, Montclair, Verona & Newark, NJ

Planning to remodel or upgrade your home? If so, demolition services are likely in your future. Champion Waste Removal, Inc is one of the region's leading demolition companies. We can demolish:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Decks
  • Jacuzzis
  • Sheds
  • Above-ground pools
Why choose our demolition services over the competition? Our team doesn't just demolish and go - we clean and remove all of the leftover debris, as well. To schedule demolition in Orange, Montclair, Verona & Newark, New Jersey, call Champion Waste Removal now.

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What does our demolition process involve?

Before our team begins the demolition process, we put down protective paper and plastic to collect debris and dust. This protection also prevents damage to your floors. We even remove extra nails from the underlying studs to make the sheetrock application process easier.

After our demolition services are complete, our team cleans and hauls away all of the debris. All that's left is a clean slate for you to update or remodel as you desire. For expert service in Orange, Montclair, Verona & Newark, NJ, or the surrounding area, choose Champion Waste Removal as your demolition company today.