Concerned About the Environment?

Call Champion Waste Removal for recycling services in Orange, Montclair, Verona & Newark, New Jersey

When you hire a random waste removal company, you don't always know where your junk will end up. At Champion Waste Removal, Inc, we offer recycling services for countless materials, including:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Iron
  • Appliances
  • Power cords
  • Wire
  • Car batteries
  • Metal
Our team is happy to offer our recycling pick-up service alone or as part of our other waste removal services. For homes or businesses, Champion Waste Removal is a leading eco-friendly junk hauling service in Orange, Montclair, Verona & Newark, NJ.

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Doing our part to protect the environment

At Champion Waste Removal, we believe that every day is Earth Day. Unlike other companies that just dump waste into a single receptacle, we work hard to identify and sort all recyclables. Our recycling services are included in each and every one of our junk hauling services.

Not sure what you can recycle? Don't worry! Our team will point out and separate any materials that we can recycle and ensure they get to the right facility. And since we won't have to dump those materials, you'll get discounts. If you're looking for a recycling pick-up service in Orange, Montclair, Verona & Newark, NJ, call our team today.